Pending job fails on robot disconnect

orchestrator and only one robot

imagine following scenario:

  • JOB1 starts another job using Start Job sctivity.
  • It results in one running (JOB1) and one pending job (JOB2).
  • Before JOB1 finishes the robot machine disconnects. It results in JOB1 failure with error
    “Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0x40010004”
  • Orchestrator starts pending JOB2 despite the robot is disconnected
  • JOB2 immediately fails with error
    “Could not start executor. Rdp connection failed: Message: The disconnection was initiated by the user logging off their session on the server., Last error: 65548”

Desired behaviour:
Orchestrator will detect robot disconnect.
JOB2 will stay in pending state until robot reconnects.

Any idea how to achieve this?


Hello @J0ska

Have you checked the reason why the bots are getting disconnected?

I hope inside the workflow you are calling the second job?


Hi @J0ska

Firstly its weird to see that job 1 disconnects before the execution is complete which is unusual

But you can try the below thread this might help those disconnects