Unattended robot - no logoff at end of process?

I have a question about the behavior of unattended robot and orchestrator: How can I setup, that the robot won’t logoff in windows? When the Orchestrator starts a new task, the robot logs on to the machine, but starting all software takes too much time. Can I prevent the robot from logoff? Maybe there is a possibility in the settings?

Or an other way: Somebody told me, at the end of a process the orchestrator gets the machine to the state, in which it was when the process starts. If this is true, is there any way to build a “wake up process” to get the machine to the right state without logoff? We do a reboot every evening when robot-job is done, so this is normally the state when the robot starts in the morning.

Thanks a lot!!

Hello everyone,
if anyone is interested in how I solved my problem:
We use BIOS settings to start the computer in the morning, and our system administrator set the computer to log on to Windows automatically. So when Orchestrator starts a job, the computer is already logged on. At the end of a job, Orchestrator simply locks the screen until the next job, but it does not log off.

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