PDF to Excel tool

Is there a free good market place tool that can be used to convert PDF to Excel that can be used with UiPath Studio 2020.10

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Hi @A_Learner
Download UiPath.PDF.Activities

  1. Use “Read PDF text” activity to read the PDf and store it in an variable say str_text.
  2. Use “Generate data Table From Text” activity and give input as str_text and output will be dt_data.
  3. Use “Write Range Workbook” activity to print the data table to excel.

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Hey @A_Learner ,

Refer these Links , its free

Thank you @Vikas_M
Both tools seem to work with versios 21 and 22.

Ohh, that’s great , Hope it will help you out

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Thank you, @Parvathy
Tried this. Data format does not seem to be any different that writing PDF to a text file.