How to change PDF file to Excel file

dear all,

i have a problem need to deal with it, how could we change the pdf files to excel file?

anybody could help me or give me a demo code , thanks a lot in advance.

Here, download this package and will be possible

Hi @chrisjiyiwei

  1. Use Read PDF Text Activity to read the PDF file.
  2. Use Generate DataTable Activity. Givwe the input as result of Read PDF text variable and store it in an datatable.
  3. Use Write Range Workbook Activity to write the Datatable to Excel. (5.7 MB)

Hope this helps!!


hey @Parvathy I could not open the xmal file, it shows the document is invalid ,

Hi @chrisjiyiwei

I have the file again for reference. Please check. (2.8 MB)

Hope it helps!!


Hi @chrisjiyiwei

Use the “Read PDF Text” activity from the “UiPath.PDF.Activities” package to extract the text from the PDF file. After reading the PDF text, you may need to perform additional processing to extract and structure the desired data. Once you have the required data in a structured format, use the “Write Range” activity from the “UiPath.Excel.Activities” package to write the data into an Excel file. Specify the range where you want to write the data.