PDF data to excel in same format

Hi All,

I have PDF document which is having all logo’s, tables, images and number of pages details.
i just to export as it is to Excel. how can i do it. i have tried it i got only data. i need same format how PDF look like in excel. Any suggestions please.



If the data in the pdf is in the tabluar format you can use document understanding activities


If the data is in the text format you can use either document understanding activities or pdf activities

@Shiva_Nikhil In pdf i have tables and text data. I need to extraxt all the data to excel


you can you read pdf text activities

and use generate datatable activity to convert string to datatable

or you can you regex or string manipulations based on your data

@Shiva_Nikhil i have to read nearly 50 pages data. I just want to export all data as it is tk excel. Any simple way to do it. As im new to UiPath

Hi @Niranjan_k ,

We see that your requirement is a bit broad on the extraction. Could you maybe also let us know if there was a manual way of performing this activity or task ?

Also, you could check the below Component (However, it is compatible with only Windows Liegacy projects) :

@supermanPunch Manually we are reading the data from PDF it is taking time. If we convert this data to excel easy for us to validate the data.

Hi @Niranjan_k ,
Can you share your file

@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 sorry i cannot share this internal details. I just need to export details in pdf as it is (images, table, logos and text). any suggestions please

@Niranjan_k I’m not sure if this solution will work for you, but I found a free website that might be helpful. You can upload the PDF file, and it will generate an Excel file with the same format. Here’s the link: Convert PDF to Excel. PDF to XLS spreadsheets online. You can try automating this website to get the desired Excel file.

@copy_writes sure i can check

@copy_writes those are all unauthorized sites, it wont open here. I just want to use UiPath to build the solution

Ya this is the problem :sweat_smile:, Check with Balreva’s activity

Check this below post.

Read the PDF text and format it.

Use Generate Data Table for converting the Table to Excel DataTable.

Oh, have you try with OCR