PDF Redaction Custom Activity

That’s a great idea. Interesting feature request. I will add this to the feature request for an upcoming version.

Hi Bokyeong - I’ll keep you posted, and let once the new DU plugin is published.

The Omnipage engine is able to read asian characters if it’s engine pack is set as ‘Extended’ (not ‘Basic’).
How can I change the Omnipage engine pack setting to ‘Extended’ in ‘PDF Redaction’ activity?

Can I get a notice when the new vesion is released?

Thank you so much.

Excellent point. Thank you for pointing this out. I will adjust this and add this capability in the next release. It will be published very soon.

Hey Bernard,

Is there a link to download your sample workflow file that was used in the demo video? I downloaded the activity and it looks great.

Great tool, thank you for creating and sharing it Bernard! Some feature requests from myself (in the UK):

  • Ability to provide an array of regex patterns in the Formula property rather than only a single pattern
  • Support for phrases/patterns with spaces as mentioned in this thread
  • Support for non-US pre-defined patterns in the FormulaAuto property. For example, other currencies than USD, and phone number patterns other than US format

Out of interest, is there any limit on how many entries in the Keywords string array, or is it the .NET limit itself?

Hi @lawes

Could you share the sample workflow again.
The sample workflow is removed from this post.

Thank You!

Hi @lawes ,

I get the error when I use this activity:
The UiPath version that we are using is 2020.10.2
Used the package “UiPathTeam.PDFRedaction.Activities” package version 2.0.0 from the marketplcae link that you had shared.

Can you let us know if am missing something, i have filled all the required parameters

Hello Mr. Lawes
Has any of my suggestions been added?

  1. adding confidential mark
  2. redacting asian characters with omnipage extended
  3. redacting phrases

Hi Bokyeong

Yes. In fact, all of these have been added to the upcoming new release. I’ll share more once it is published in the next couple of weeks