Path Exists shows only true even if the file is not available

Hi, Am having an issue where the path exists shows only the true value even the folder is available in that location or not.

Please help me out on this.

hi @pb1,

Just before the Path exist - can you put writeline and print the variable Folder - See if this is the correct path you are expecting. Also , In the variable Pane - you can Mark the Default value to False and check .


Thanks Mukesh, I have checked for folder path. Its showing the right path.
Also I checked by changing the default vaule to false in the variable pane, but still gives the output as true.

Great , can you Test the Code now by changing the variable Folder Value to something “F:\Avengers\Hulk” any Wrong Path

Also , please make sure that you are not passing any argument that is updating this variable. To Test this Create a new variable say Test , assign the path to Test and then use this test varible in path exist instead of folder.


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Thanks Mukesh, now its working fine.

Can this be marked as solved?

Yes Matt, got the solution. But don’t know how to mark it as solved. Please mark it as solved.

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