Path Exists always set to False even if file exists

Hi, guys

I’m facing a really weird issue. My process was working flawless but suddenly I had a problem with Path Exist Activity. Just a brief of my process:

1- It runs in a folder
2- Applies a serie of regex to get datas from those files
3- Insert them on a csv file

But even if my file exists, the boolean variable of Path Exists Activity comes with the False value.


What’s happening here? My code was working perfectly but suddenly, this error came up. So my workflow always finishes… but it shouldn’t. What is probably happening?

Thanks in advance

I don’t know for the issue but you might:

  • Get rid of the PathExists activity
  • Check for File.Exists(csvPath) directly with csvPath as your file’s path.

Another point, when checking for True/False on a boolean, don’t check var = True or var = False but respectively check for var or Not var

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Hi, I came across the same issue.
Hope my solution could help you.

  1. The file name should end with the type of the file, like “xlsx”
  2. If condition: just keep the variable, delete =False/True
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