Create a folder if it does not exist

Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Hi @maria.mitova please follow this

Hi @maria.mitova,

I’m not sure because the file path doesn’t show up, but if you’re trying to search for a file path, the system might be throwing an error. I would recommend that you pay attention to whether it is a file or a folder.


Hi @maria.mitova
In bool variable there is no need to check condition like this. bool Variable is “false” by default
Just put PathExist
one more thing.
Give only folder path

Hi @raja.arslankhan
The problem I have is that the bot does not create a folder and I am not sure what is the reason for that.

Hi @Tapan_Behera1
I am working with StudioX and do not have “Path Exists” as an option.

Hi @omer.ozturk
It is a folder that I am looking for.

Okay then follow this document link: Folder Exists

  1. instead of path exist use folder exist and create directory activity: Create Folder

Hello @maria.mitova

can you please check the boolean value of the variable FolderExists. I think that is False and it is not going to the Else part.

Also try moving the Create Folder to the Then part and see whether folder is creating or not. If yes, issue is with the condition.