False Decision Flow

Need help in understanding a quick question. Here I am working on the Decision Flow. I am checking if there’s a folder already present in my Documents. In the test run the folder already exists but still the log says "folder not available and creates the folder again.

Where as it should log a message the folder already Exists.

Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe ,
Have you checked your path?
“Path exist” can helpful
Could your please share your path and your screen short this source


have you tried with path exists activity and mention Folder

Yes, I am using the same activity and yes I have also mentioned the folder


can you share the screenshot the way you have used

path exsist

Yes i am using the same activity. please check the screenshot


can you check the value of the expression by using this in log message


if think there was issue with this only

if the output of PathExists is false you need to use create folder activity

True, I did the same if the condition is false it will go and create the folder. but the thing is even if the folder already exists it says the folder is not available and starts creating it. In short in every run it goes towards the false

Put the breakpoint in if condition and check the value of the expression in immediate panel

copy the value and use windows+R and paste that copied path and check the folder exist or not.

I think the value might be the cause of error.

Thank You ma’am the issue got resolved. I was using “PATH EXISTS” where I was suppose to select Folder, and it was selected as FILE so all this mess happened but I learnt a lot in this debugging process, even your suggestion is valuable, will keep these things in mind for future references.

Thank you, Happy Weekend :smiley:

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