How to grouping excel data to send to API

Hi Team,

I want send api in excel data for 50 count ,each 50 i need set to group G1 ,G2,G3… to update in Group column

Please help me anyone for this.

Input excel:
Input.xlsx (12.8 KB)

Raja G

Hi @Raja.G

Could you please give some more data for better understanding?
What u wanna to share in your API
We need more data for request content


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Are you looking for segmenting the data into batches?

@Vishnuraj_Pandiyarajan2 ,

I want send Account no 50 for api call account no column is there in excel i need to pass 50 record for one call and update each 50 G1, G2, G3… in Group column

Raja G


I hope this helps. Here I am using 10000 rows you can change it to 50 as needed


@ppr ,

Yes correct

ok. just follow the link and find the explanation on how to use take, skip …

Hi @ppr ,

I got this xmal in that followed link , but i couldnt find my solution.

I want to send 50 group data to api one by one i need to send


Try this

converting the total table to chunks of 50 and assigning to dictionary of type string and datatable

keys are g1,g2 and soon , later you can fetch the tables with keys

GroupTablestoDictionary.xaml (10.0 KB)


Xaml looks like:

Could it be the case that you are working with 2023.4 Studio Version / Packages? In such cases there are some issues with the activity card visualizations. So try to do some downgrade on theUiPath.System.activities package or let us know the details / versions

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Sorry I couldnt able to open your xmal,

Please help me for this.

are you opening separately or from opened project?

try opening separately


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Did you happen to check the above method?

facing any issues in it?


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Ok i need to update my studio, i ill do

@Anil_G ,

I am trying

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Kindly note: UiPath Studio Version vs. Package Version of e.g. UiPath.System.Activities

Which versions are in use:

  • UiPath Studio?
  • UiPath.System.Activities?


Separately opened but issue happened

@ppr ,


you can build by your own


  1. Read range from excel
  2. use for each with argument type as int32
    and give Enumerable.Range(0,Cint(Math.Ceiling(InDt.RowCount/50))).ToArray
  3. Create Dictionary variable of type String , Datatable
    4.use assign activity in for each flow to assign key and value to dictionary

Later you can use the dictionary variable to fetch the datatable by providing the keys

for visualization check above attached image

Hope this helps


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should / could work. open a new XAMl and just test a quick modelling as shown in the screenshot.

Just keep in mind the buildings blocks als shown to you ba other are:

  • using the ceiling method: to get the number of segments
  • Enumerable. Range for looping purpose
  • skip/take for the Segmentation process:
Convert.ToInt32(Math.Ceiling(dtData.Rows.Count / SegmentSize))
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