Passing the argument from invoke workflow

Hi everyone ,
I am having three workflow like( Main, Middle and child). child is having variable and I want to pass the argument from child to main and middle using invoke workflow.
So how can I do that??
Please help.

In child workflow you must create an input or output argument depending on your objective. And then you will have to create a string variable in Main and Middle workflow.


Create one argument in Childworkflow and mention direction as ‘Out’ and create argument in Main and Middle workflow and specify direction as ‘In’. Then pass that argument from Child to Main and Middle workflows.

Thanks @lakshman ,

I have a query ,I want to click on the dynamic checkbox , I am having status like approved and rejected.if status is approved it will click on the checkbox otherwise not .
so how to do it. pls help


Please check your original post and replied steps to do that.