Pass the variable through invoke workflow

Hi All,
I have two sequence.In first sequence the main code exist and in second sequence the another code which I took in invoke activity. The two sequence are connected with each other.
the variable of first sequence i.e.(branch_id) ,I have used it in second(invoke)sequence.
So what I have done, I used 1 argument as name branch_id (direction- In/out) and passed it to the invoke workflow through import argument where I used direction (In) and edit argument bydefault generated .
But It gives me error that I didnot use the right direction.
Can anyone please help me that what i am missing.

What you have to do is

Inthe first workflow, declare the argument as out and when all the process is completed, use a assign activity to assign the branch id to that out argument.

In the main workflow, declare a variable and assign the variable to arguments in first workflow arguments

Then in the second workflow, declare a argument as in and pass the the main workflow variable to that in argument @Nidhi2

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thanks @HareeshMR for your help.
but I have done this way also like In argument I have passed out and in import I have passed In .
but it is not working may be direction is not correct.
if you don’t mind can you pls share me a sample workflow if you can.
Please help…

I don’t understand this @Nidhi2

Can you share the workflow I will rectify please

I attach project go (12.1 KB) it

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