How to pass argument one workflow to another workflow

I have flowchart in which i invoke a workflow and from that workflow i want to pass the value in Flowchart. How can i do that Please help me.

HI you can use Arguments to pass value between invoked workfflows
you can adjust it into , in, out,in/out

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For Passing the Arguments from let’s say in Process flow we have Workflow A Workflow B

Now Create Variables in Process as Message

In Workflow A we declare Message as Out Argument
Outside the workflow A you can assign it to Process Message Variable

Now in WorkflowB declare Message as Input Arugment
Outside the Workflow B you can assign it to the Process Message variable

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So Directions are very important that whether you want Input to the Workflow or Output to the workflow or both like taking the Input and processing that to output

So here you need to declare clearly In->Input, Out->Output, In/Out->Input and Output

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Hi @Alok_Dwivedi

You need is Direction being either Out (if you only want to return the value) or In/Out (if you want to send the variable, modify its value and return it).
Please note that in both cases (Out and In/Out):

  • you need to assign the value to the argument in the Workflow(1)
  • in the arguments in the invoke activity in Workflow(0) you need to provide a variable to store the value

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