Passing the argument using invoke workflow

Hi Everyone,
I am having three workflow like(Main , sequence1 and sequence2) so I want to pass the argument and get the result in sequence 3 becoz there is a message box. but there is a confusion of In/Out and then I am getting the error.
Please help .how to resolve it.


Hi @arpita2
The In arguments are those that you will pass to a workflow (The variables that you will be using in the invoked workflow.
The Out arguments are those that you will be receiving from the invoked workflow (The result) :slight_smile:
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

HI @arpita2

Just add a small point to what @Jan_Brian_Despi mentioned…

In arguments
These are the stuff that are required to perform certain activities within the workflow. They need values from the calling workflow. So when invoking, we should pass variables that contain the required value for the In argument

It’s the other way around. Out arguments are the results that a workflow return to its calling workflow. Basically its the result of the process. So the calling workflow should have a variable assigned to hold the value it returns.

in/ Out argument
This is a argument type that combines the features of the above two. In can pass a value to the invoking workflow and also return a value through the same argument. So, the calling workflow should have a variable dedicated to it to send and also to receive the result.

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