Invoke variable from A workflow to C Workflow

Hi Friends,
Suppose i have three workflow:-
A Workflow
B Workflow
C Workflow

Now i have to use a variable from A workflow to C Workflow then how i will do.


Have a look at this,

Rammohan B.

For a little bit of extra clarity:
The variable must be passed as an argument from workflow A to workflow B and then the argument received by workflow B needs to be passed as an argument again to workflow C.

Assuming that you are invoking Workflow A & Workflow C from Workflow B. In that case, create a variable under Workflow B which will store the value from the OUT argument of Workflow A and then pass the same variable under the IN argument of Workflow C. You have to create an OUT Argument under Workflow A and then an IN argument under Workflow C to achieve this.

Hope it helps.

Rammohan B.