Passing string variable to Set To Clipboard function crashes the sequence

I am having lots of troubles designing my automation in this newest version of UiPath.

For some reason UiPath is timing out when doing a TYPE INTO because the long text seems to take awhile to type into the field.

I decided instead to pass the value to a SET TO CLIPBOARD fucntion, and paste it in the field instead.

My variable is a string called strDescription
I assigned strDescription to the Set To Clipboard activity.

As soon as the script gets to that point, the bot quits.
I took the variable out and replaced it with “Hello World” → That works fine.

Is there a character limit for Set To Clipboard function?
Can someone explain to me what is happening?

Hi @rbaron

Just wanted to confirm, did you try checking the SimulateType property of Type Into activity?

Best Regards.

Hi @rbaron

did you try selecting the simulate input method

if not luck select the chormium api method and putting a 0 in the Delay Between keys property


Hi @rbaron ,

Does this happen also when checked with Debug and Breakpoints on that Activity ?