Set to Clipboard not working with variable input

Scenario: Setting a string variable to “Set to clipboard” activity does not always take what the variable holds.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use CTRL + C on any data/info you have.
  2. Create a variable and assign something to it using the assign activity.
  3. Add this variable as the input string for the set to clipboard activity.
  4. Display the value in the clipboard [In my case it was a button that automatically pasted whatever was in the clipboard]

Current Behavior: Values from STEP 1 get displayed rather than the values from the variable that is set as in the input parameter.

Expected Behavior: The values contained in the variable should be displayed and not the one that you have may have copied in STEP 1

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: NA

Last stable behavior: NA
Last stable version:NA
OS Version:Windows 7
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc): NA

Hey @kp9911

Are you using a “Get from Clipboard” Activity to get the content from clipboard what you have assigned with a variable output?


after CTRL+C use "Set to ClipBoard then use CTRL+V(target application)

Hi @aksh1yadav and @ddpadil, thank you for the reply. I realized the mistake just a couple of minutes later after submitting this query.

While in the process of refactoring the WorkFlow, I mistakenly placed the activity before the variable was populated with the data as well as the ctrl + c function. This is why it was “correctly” pasting the right details all along!

I can consider this fixed as it was human error and the flow of the activities was messed up.