Uipath Type Into activity is changing string values while entering data for citrix automation

Scenario: As part of automation for citrix based app, I have passed a string variable in Type Into activity. Intermittently it is observed that variable values passed via activity gets changed. Sometimes additional characters get added or are skipped.
I have tried changing delay between keys property/delay before and also tried different options for default, windows message,simulateType methods. But still not able to get a consistent results.
Any other inputs would be helpful!

Type Into changing values.

Try set to clipboard and send Hotkeys Ctrl+v

Thanks for reply @Vivek_Arunagiri!
Problem with using Clipboard is that other activities (by users) actions cannot be done as chances of overwriting clipboard data is high.
Any other way this can be achieved would be really helpful!

Hi @akijo
Refer this video.

You can use Type Activity or use can also use Set Text activity.