Passing Drop-down values in UiPath form

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Saw a couple of posts but nothing seems to be working.

I am looking for providing the list to a UiPath form and then generating a dynamic dropdown in form.

And when the form elsement is selected from the dropdown, then the value of one field should be set accordingly.

If we pass English, French, Spanish as a list variable into the form via collection then, it should be available in the form as a dropdown

There is a text field below drop-down

And now in the form, if we select English from drop-down then that text field should have 1000 and if we select French then it should have 1300 and so on

Hope problem definition is clear.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.

PS: I’m editing a already built form. Need to add a drop-down now in that to incorporate a logic
Not sure this makes any difference

Do a start with following and explore / debug it later:

Use an argument e.g. with the name countries but add _dropdown on the name
Argument datatype: Dictionary(of String, String)

ensure when working later on the formular the e.g. key is using the name WITHOUT _dropdown

just configure it and check in a first interation what will be displayed and what will be returned later in the FormFieldsOutputData

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in this topic we discussed about dynamic drop down list. So, maybe will be helpful:

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