UiPath Create Form Task Activity, How to pass in values to drop-down list and retrieve it?

I have created a form via the “Create Form Task” activity from the UiPath.Persistence.Activities package. I was trying to create a dynamic drop-down list component via the form designer. The drop-down list values will be based off a list of strings that is passed in from the “Collection” property.


In the form designer, I created a drop-down list component and set the following. The variable io_itemList is a list of strings. This way, the drop down should show my list of strings as possible options to choose from.

This will create the form task on the action and displays the options; however, when I return via a “Wait for Form Task and Resume” activity, the following error occurs which essentially states that a string cannot be converted into a list of strings. (I have also tried this with an array rather than a list, and it causes the same issue)

I have tried exploring the following forum page:

Unfortunately, this does not solve my issue as there is a special output property in the “Create Form” activity to retrieve selected values from the form as a JSON string. The “Create Form Task” activity does not have this property.

Any suggestions on how I can get the selected value from the drop down list while displaying a dynamic list/array?

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@jchieng A dynamic dropdown component should have the field key of type string and not of type List. You should pass the list of string as options to <dropdownKey>_dropdown field.

For example, if your dropdown’s field key is io_item. Then:

  1. io_item should be of type string and will contain the selected value after the wait for form task activity.
  2. io_item_dropdown should be of type List<string> or a dictionary (please read the doc mentioned below). You should pass all the options you want to populate in the dropdown in this field.

Please have a look at the doc → https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/advanced-controls-form-designer#dynamic-drop-downs

HI @jchieng ,

Additionally, you can also refer below UiPath sample project on Action center usage with dynamic dropdowns.

Test Action Center.zip (4.2 KB)

Please change orchestrator folder path name(per your settings) in activity before use.

Hope this helps.


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