Hey ALL, Figure out how to extract dropdown data from Uipath forms

I need help extracting drop down data from a form, I have a drop down list and when i try to get the selected item outputted the value is coming back empty or Null, I’m able to extract single field Text items but how will I be able to get the selected item from a drop down list in a form thank you.

for some applications, before you will use the ‘select item’ , you need to use ‘click’ activity to expand the list and then the ‘select item’ activity works correctly.

So I need a drop down value from UiPath.Forms

I want to get the value selection from the user, this is the property name

but once I try to get the value from the output collections nothing is getting outputted its returning an empty string.

Can someone help me extract dropdown or checkbox values from UiPath forms?


Ach. Sorry. I thought that you mentioned about drop down list from app or browser.
Let me check it.

@jazlyn.luben did you check this topic:

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Sorry should’ve been more descriptive, that’s why i attached the screenshots :love_you_gesture:

Try to use the list:

And don’t forget to add ‘_dropdown’ after variable name.

Please take a look to this example
dropList (1).zip (3.3 KB)
I hope it will help you :slight_smile:


there you also can find some information:
(Activities - Dynamic Dropdowns)

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Thank you for your fast reply, when I tried to download the file you provided, I had some dependency issues, so I wasn’t able to see your workflow example but with your screenshot example and the dynamic dropdown doc it really helped thank you.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
I’m glad I could help.

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