Pass by Reference or static variables

We should have pass by reference or static available for passing variables from one xaml to another. Creating duplicate Data Dictionary and Datatable consumes lot of memory by creating a duplicate variable in the memory which impacts the performance of workflow. Having such global variables would make creating workflows simpler and better.


not possible in wf.

Partially disagree about the static part. If you store a ref in a static class you can retrieve it in a different workflow as long as you dont cross process boundaries (LaunchWorkflowInteractive or InvokeWorkflowFile with isolated flag).
Of course that’s a pretty nasty limitation that needs to be handled with care, but we have used it on some occassions for lookup tables that are pricey to build or dont serialize well to json.

mind sharing step by step how to create a static class in UiPath?
and then how to use the static variable later?