Global Variable



How to create global variable and use through the multiple workflows?

Project Level Variable
Edit UiPath defalut dlls
Project Level Variable
Loading 'singleton' like project level objects from Config

I’ve created dictionary(Of String, Object) and pass it across my xaml’s as In/Out argument.
This way I can access all dictionary entries across all my workflows and all edits to the values are also available.



To use variables through workflows, you just have to pass it as arguments in “Invoke workflow file” Activity (Arguments property).

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Variable accessed across worklfows

Ultimately you should be using Orchestrator which allows you to create assets and credentials which can be used throughout multiple processes. Of course this comes with price :smiley:


I have the same question.
If I want to use a variable in 50 workflows, it is a very tedious job to pass it argument to the next 49 workflows. Is there any way that I can use the global variable in all my workflows without passing it as argument?


Is there any other way? Like can this be done with flowcharts or state machines?


@bristighosal910 a good idea as an improve to usability for workflows could be to automatically assign as input variables when you import if you have them in the context with exactly the same type and name.

Anyways workflows are similar to functions and probably don’t even have to be part of the process itself since you can use them through multiple processes so… using global variables… its an option but not a best practice


Okay, Thank you.