How to use 2 variables from a workflow in main workflow?

Hello people,

I have multiple workflows around 10. I want to use 2 variable results from my 10th workflow in my main workflow. Can you please advise, how to do that?

PS: I’m new to UIPath and I have learned there is no concept of the global variable.

in general using it by two variables defined on the main workflow
und using arguments for passing / receiving it with invoked workflows

Hy @suneetkhurana,

You can pass variables between the workflows

Please check the following post for more details

@ppr isn’t a tedious job to pass variables from main till my 10th workflow?

thats the daily developer task. As you already stated, that there is no concept of global variables.

But arranging and splitting parts into seperate xamls is a must for many reasons. In case of multiple variables / arguments are to move then it will be done with other datatypes like dictionary / datatable, datarow, Tuples just for reducing the number of arguments

Thanks @ppr

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