Uipath dictionary access from different workflows

I have a main workflow whereby a dictionary is being initialised. Then i have 2 other workflows which will be utilising the same dictionary to store different data.
How do i go about this? I tried arguments but seems to be not working…

@TyraS Arguments are the Only way to pass the Values between Workflows. Can you Show Screenshots of what you are trying to do, Also the Screenshots of the Arguments Panel would be good.

Invoketest is the main file. Invoketest1 is the workflow I’m adding into, and I’m trying to get the value from invoketest2 before adding value so as to test if the dictionary is being utilised

I see. I’ve posted some of the screenshots.

@TyraS Looking at the Screenshots, it should have worked. It seems Strange :sweat_smile: , Can you provide the Workflow?

Oh no… it’s either initialising error, or cant find object that i get. I’ve been editing around for awhile :joy:

TestInvoke.xaml (7.4 KB) TestInvoke1.xaml (5.8 KB) TestInvoke2.xaml (5.3 KB)

Avoid variables and Argument with the Same Name. In your Case use dictionary for the variable Name and in_dictionary for the Argument Name of the direction in. Please Edit and Test it at Your end

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@TyraS Yes, As Said by @ppr you have indeed used Dictionary as both an argument and as a Variable :sweat_smile: , In the Main Workflow you can keep the Dictionary as a Variable, and delete the Argument in that, in the InvokeTst1 and Test2 you only need the dictionary as arguments

ohhh i see will keep in mind.

Oooo it works… thanks !

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