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I have a question, I’m building a process with the REF Framework. Now in the init fase I create 3 variables.


Now I want to have these 3 variables in my Process Transaction.

How can I handle this?

You can change scope of those variables than inside process in invoke workflow imports arguments in that workflow then you can use

Hi @M_L

Are u creating the varaible inside init all application workflow or outside the workflow ?

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  • the variables has to be declared within the Main.xaml on Main scope (the most top scope)
  • passing it to Process.xaml will be done by arguments defined by the Process.xaml (e.g in Direction)
  • in case of the information is only available /defined within another XAML that is get invoked (eg. X.xaml, then
    • this x.xaml is defining the variables as well
    • x.xaml defines arguments (e.g. out direction) for each variable
    • once x.xaml is get invoked by e.g. Main.xaml, the returned out_argument from x.xaml is to be received from Main.xaml and will be stored on the corresponding Variable created within Main.xaml

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If I do that, it repeats the whole time the same value.

Yes, In process it will repeat

Since it is inside the workflow

Instead of varible u can create arguments

And transfer the argument value to the variable whose scope is in main

From variable defined in main u can access in process state too

Yes but I have 5 Queue’s. With 5 diffrent amounts in it, It should use every run the next amount and not 5 times the first one.

At each loop or transaction you can modify each time in get transaction

Do you have an example?

Rightnow I don’t have an example but i can help you to modify your code .
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Oké thank you!!!

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