Pass arguments invoke

flowchart1.xaml (5.5 KB)
flowchart3(Autosaved).xaml (5.8 KB) flowchart2.xaml (5.6 KB)

i need to invoke them please help me with this!

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Use Invoke WorkFlow file Activity to Invoke other workflow from parent WorkFlow and specify arguments and it’s directions properly to communicate between two workflows.

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yes i used invoke workflow but have doubts in directions.


Check this:

  • In − This direction means that the argument can only be used within the given workflow.
  • Out − This direction means that the argument can be used to pass data outside the given workflow.
  • In/Out − This direction means that the argument can be used within and outside the given workflow.
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so i can give in/out arguments as default?

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Simple budd
—create a new process and we will be having a main xaml
—create a flowchart from activity panel and place that in the middle,design panel
—the use invoke workflow file activity from activity panel and as you have three xaml here use three invoke workflow activity and link them one by one from the start node in flowchart…
—then in each invoke activity mention the above xaml names in between double quotes and make sure that these workflow is in same project folder
—click on import arguments if we have any arguments in these invoked workflow we will be getting it and assign it with proper argument directions like IN, OUT, IN/OUT and assign it with value, may be with global variable which is defined the variable panel in the main xaml

Maintain the arguments passage between the workflows and run the main xaml
That’s all buddy you are done

Cheers @priyankavivek

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For details on directions to use

For how to use invoke workflow here you go buddy

Cheer @priyankavivek