Integrating of Multiple xaml files

As I created multiple XAML files and I used Invoke Workflow Activity for all multiple files so the problem is I want to run an individual file separately. Can someone suggest how to set arguments in the workflow?
For example below is the screenshot of invoking workflows
I just want to Run the only login and verify, How can I set the workflow for those two activities.

Thanks in advance.


You can run the individual xaml file by passing argument values in the file itself and execute it.

You can verify one by one in this scenario.

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Can you please suggest me an example how to pass argument values. I was unable to pass the argument values. @sarathi125

@sainath2172 - Here is the link you will find the sample workflow to use argument.


what are all the arguments datatype you have.

for a string type you can pass like this in that file’s argument section

I was unable to pass the values can you please check this @sarathi125integrationsseq.xaml (5.5 KB)