UI Path cannot scroll down a page

I have made a automation, that is build on an excel-table. The list in Excel is links that, the robot needs to click on - on an internal webpage.
There are several different subpages, that contains different amounts of links that has to be clicked. Some contants a few, others 20-30 and others more than 70.
My problem is, that when a subpage contains more than 23 links, the robot cant scroll down the page and click the link.
I am using “click text” because the names of the links derives from a variable. I cant use hotkey+scrolldown, because the subpages vary in length.

How can I get the robot to find the link?

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Hello @Peter_Rise_Houkjaer,

you can try this method to Scroll Down

here 20 is Number of times you required to do Page Down.


Hi, welcome to the community!
I would use a Retry Scope activity, and every time it fails you do like a few lines scroll down.


Try to find for the element at the end of the page, and use “element exists activity” to get that element. And loop through that by sending a send hotkey activity “Scroll down”,
This way you can get total number of links present in the page.