Package Project.json without UiPath Components


Does anyone know of a way to mimic the “publish” button in studio programmatically to create a .nupkg without any UiPath components installed? I know you can do this in command line, but that also requires UiPath to be installed.


wondering, how would you create project.json without UiPath component?

Regarding creating nupkg without UiPath, technically we would need a CLI to package a json. So if you use nuget.exe, that will help you to package the json. But again, keen to know how you are developing that json.

May be you can explain what are you trying to achieve so they there can be alternatives?

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You know you can publish from Studio then copy the .nupkg file to a machine that doesn’t have Studio (but has Robot/Assistant) to run the automation?

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Json would be taken from a git repo.

I’m trying to build a fully automated CI/CD pipeline with AWS. I wanted to create a windows docker image with studio installed to “publish” project, but AWS codebuild uses DIND and windows doesn’t support that. If I’m able to create the nupgk without studio I won’t need a Windows image.

have a look on packing a nuget e.g.

Also have a look on nuget specification on the details and constraints

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Thank you.

I’ll check it out

Thanks for replying.

My goal is to have a serverless CI/CD solution.

Here is a repo that contains Powershell scripts to pack and deploy UiPath projects without needing UiPath Studio installed.

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