Package deployement which use other commons workflow through invoke

We have defined common workflows like opening or closing an application that we want to use in sereral main workflows.

is there another way that having the commons workflow in the same Project as the main worflow. This method is not efficient as all the common workfows are copied in the main workflow. when one common workflow is updated, we have to update all the main packages.

we deploy our packages on orchestrator.

Any idea?


Hi christophe,

You can make use of the Library panel. It’s its main purpose - to easily reuse automations. By default it includes Samples and Snippets. To include your own click the Add folder button and select from your hardware.

You can then drag&drop to your workflow, but if you edit it independently(not in the workflow that uses it) it will update in the Library, but not in your workflow. So you can delete and re-add it, but then you’ll have to publish again the new version to Orchestrator in order for it to run the modifications.

There’s also Invoke Workflow which I find very useful to share the common workflows between multiple processes. And, you can make them versatile with Arguments no matter what customer it is and what parameters they require, the common workflow will still process as you need.

If you use the full path to the workflow then you don’t need to republish your project, however the downside is that if the path changes, you need to change it in all your workflows.

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