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  • need the ability to invoke and deploy common pieces of automation (eg: SAP Login / Workflows from a master/common project); as of now the shared folder approach is available

How it works

  • set one or multiple common projects/processes in Orchestrator Ui
  • these will become visible in UiPath Studio interface
  • drag & drop will generate an Invoke Workflow Activity
  • this common projects/folders will be deployed/versioned on all robots via the orchestrator

I’ve been having fun recently getting to know UiPath and even after a small amount of training I find we get along very well :wink:. As I work in healthcare and am surrounded by dozens of applications, I could see myself quickly building a collection of small application-specific workflows to use in multiple automation projects. These don’t really fit into UiPath’s project template, having no entry point or logical flow of steps, nor into the Library category, because they have to be invoked as workflows rather than pasted as a snippet of code.

Of course, invoking such workflows from a network storage location as you recommend is sensible and works, but I feel this category could do with some more love. I would love to have a pane I can point to a folder, similar to the Library pane, and drag from to create an “Invoke Workflow” activity in my current workflow, similar to the Project pane. What do you think?

Such a feature is in the works, hang tight.


Till then the workaround is to use a shared network folder to invoke the reusable components.

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Awesome, thanks for the quick reply guys!

I was just wondering if the feature is in place now? We are in the same situation and would like to have a place that we can have them in a multi developers can utilize the library.

It’s planned for 2018_2 release, so… in 6-9 months, more or less.


I figured out another way but will wait to see what the release has.


Can you or someone expand in greater detail whether it’s currently possible to have one or more common/shared workflows that robots A, B, and C all use… and then be able to modify the common workflow and have robots A, B, and C all instantly benefit from that change without having to re-publish them all?

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Any updates on when we can expect this feature to be released? As of right now 2018.2.3 is released but I don’t think this feature is available yet.

Hi Andrew,

I got the following response when I asked support a week or so back;
“This feature is already on our roadmap and this feature will be included in our future releases. please subscribe to our release notes to keep posted.”

Link to release notes if you need it: UiPath Release Notes


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I confirm, this one will be out in the 2018.3 release. I will make an announcement veeery soon :slight_smile: