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I have searched and haven’t been able to find anywhere a ‘common workflows’ xaml files that can be used as reference/learning/design etc…

I have seen several questions about getting links from a page, or sending emails, etc… and thought if there were a repository of common workflows that we can use from to get ideas or examples or just use outright that it might be helpful to the community.


Hi @Allen_Soberano

Going by the standard UiPath documentation, the guidelines suggest that storing common, reusable workflows in shared locations are a great way to make them available to multiple projects.

Common (reusable) components (such as App Navigation, Log In, Initialization) are better stored and maintained separately, on network shared drives. From that drive, they can be invoked by different Robots, from different processes. The biggest advantage of this approach is that any change made in the master component is reflected instantly in all the processes that use it.

More details and recommendations here:

Thank you for your reply! I agree that you should store your companies reusable code as you have shared. But I am referring to a ‘Public’ Repository where developers can download or upload common workflows for others to use or modify for themselves as needed.

Have you checked out UiPath Go! aka Marketplace? Its purpose is precisely what you described above. :slight_smile:

Yes!! That is EXCACTLY what I was talking about! I knew it was a good idea hahahaha. Thanks @RPAForEveryone

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