How to use same Workflows at different Windows Projects

Hi everyone, i have a problem which i can’t resolve for 2 weeks, let me explain my problem.

I have 2 different on-prem ochestrator. One of is product (only 1 robot license) other one is studio (only 1 developer license). Every assets and queues and folders etc. same on these 2 orchestrator. When i wanted to publish a project to product orchestrator from studio, i publish it to local and create .nupkg. After that i login to product orchestrator on browser and upload package from “Tenant/Packages/Upload”.

I have 11 project on product orhestrator and there are 5-6 exacly same workflows using by all projects. When i wanted to change someting at these workflows, i need to copy this workflow to all projects and publish the all projects…

When i want to use libraries to these same workflows. I create library and use on project at developer server, everthing okay. But when i use same project on product server (by robot i mean), there is an error says “i cant find this library whit this id”. Because, when i publish same library to 2 orchestrator and orchestrators gives different ids to this library. I can not call library by name only from id, so i cant use library. I tried change the ids from database but i learned when i publish with new version of library, orchestrator gives another id. Check below;

If I want to call xaml file outside the project folder. It gives error because Windows projects InvokeWorkflowFile activity doesn’t support to call xaml file outside the project folder. Check below;

What do you guys suggest to solve this problem?


To answer your first question, donot publish library to 2nd orchestrator, instead just upload, that keeps the version same, so you wont have the issue.
Can you elaborate on your 2nd question? You can call your xamls thorugh cmd interface as well.


Hey, the version is not important, the important thing is the id given by the orchestrators to these libraries.

I have to publish it. I mean this library must published at both orchestrator. Because when i developing a project i use developer orchestrator’s library. When i publish it, robot use product orchestrator’s library at same project.

How to use in and out arguments with this method.

Why are you doing this? You’re supposed to add the library in your project on the Project tab using the Manage Packages button.

There is no difference between using workflows and using this local library. I want when i change these common workflows, it must be changed in all 11 projects

Yea but with library you have to change at 1 place instead of 11.
Here you go for command line options: You can run your packages like this
Robot - Command Line Interface (