Managing Libraries


I recently updated studio so Invoke workflow file no longer works from outside project folder. I used it kind of like libraries where I saved all flows/components used in several projects. I’m now using libraries instead but not sure if I am using it by best practice. When I update or make changes to components in my library and publish it, do I have to go to each project using that library and update and republish aswell? If so I will have to find a more efficient way to reuse projects since we are using these flows / components in 40+ different projects.


Hi @Jorgen.n

There is indeed a way to update them all at the same time by using:

It’s a great tool, but use it with caution as it can also mess up working processes / automations when not used correctly. However this should help you a lot by not needing to update 40+ projects individually.

Hope this helps.


Yes. However, why would you? If Library A is used in Processes B, C, D, E, and F…and then you update Library A…why would you need to update Process B, C, D, E, and F? They’re working the way they are.

There are many posts here over the past few years where we’ve asked UiPath for a way to handle all this, and there still isn’t one.

Except that tool only updates the project.json file in your code repository (ie GIT, SVN, etc). It doesn’t update the published packages in Orchestrator. You’d still have to open every project and republish.

@postwick Actually you can select to publish updated projects in the Mass Update Tool

Just to ensure I tested it myself and was able to publish a process I updated through Mass Update Tool to Orchestrator, see following Screenshot:

…or are you trying to say that even if the .json is updated and the Process is published to Orchestrator it does still need to be manually republished from within Studio individually to correctly update dependencies?

When I looked into it before, the Mass Update Tool didn’t do the publishing part. Maybe it has since been added.

I just checked and it is working. I just declared my local folder to check the projects and updated Excel Dependency by doing it in Mass Update Tool.

It looks really good. I also pick Orchestrator to update package and it was uploaded as well. The only thing that stays to do is to update process in folder.

Do you think is it any fast way to also move packages to different Orchestrator server? (from TEST Orchestrator to PROD).
Is there any way to download create some report from Mass UpdateTool?