Output methods

I am trying output methods i.e. screen scrapping with OCR but it’s showing me this error I cannot get the output in the write line/ message box.

“Text from image.xaml: Value for a required activity argument ‘ApiKey’ was not supplied.”

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


Either provide the apo key in the ocr activity

or use ocr that dont need api key like tessaract ocr


Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe

if use this you need to provide the api key

or you can use

Omnipage ocr or tessaract ocr

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Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe

You have pass the API key in the properties of that activity.

You can find the API key for OCR in UiPath Orchestrator.
Login to UiPath Orchestrator → Open the admin tab → Click on the licenses&Services you can find the API key, copy the key and paste it in the properties of that OCR.

Hope it helps!!

Thank you Anil for your quick response.

it worked, initially when the Wizard opened it was Tesseract but the extracted data was not complete so I changed it to UiPath OCR.

Can you tell me how to open the wizard in future I have to do such modifications at the last moment.


Can you tell what do you mean by modifications at the end?

You can do from the properties of eacha ctivity that you get from screen scrapping

All would be available in the properties panel


modifications in the sense if the output is not as desired output, so if the error occurs so I can change it at the last moment :sweat_smile:

Thank You Shiva , will check this immediately

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