Read PDF with OCR and Get OCR Text are not working

Hi everyone ,

I am given a Attended Bot license STUDIO on premises. So in this when i am trying to use Read pdf with OCR activity or Get OCR Text Activity i am getting error as shown in image.

i don’t have Api key to give in Apikey value field of UipathDocument OCR activity.

As of now, we don’t have either on-premises or cloud orchestrator for this Bot.

Please suggest your thoughts on below queries…

  1. Please suggest how to execute this activity ?

  2. How to get Api key for this Attended On premises studio ?

  3. Can we run Read pdf with OCR activity or Get OCR Text Activity without orchestrator ?

Please help…

Thanks in advance.


Try with tessaract ocr which is free dont need an api key


For UiPath document ocr you need api key that is present in your account login to “UiPath cloud”
Go to “Admin
Then Liecences
Then Robots and Services
You find Document Understanding Copy that api key and paste in your ocr”


Use Teseract Ocr No need of giving any api key

Hi @rlgandu ,

Thanks for your quick response .

Here ,i don’t have my cloud orchestrator to copy Api key. In that case how to execute OCR activity.

Hi @Anil_G ,

Thanks for your quick response.

I have tried with Tessract OCR also but it is saying that error while loading OCR engine…May be it is internet issue right ?


might be…what is the error you are getting?

are you not havign internet on that system at all? if yes then it might not work as expected