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hello guys, i have a problem, when i want to wite excel file from output data table is not working, i have one excel i will use read file then with output data table convert it to new data table and wite from new data table, i will change scope of string, but is not working, can you pleas help me ?

@Hamidy1667 Can you Explain what you are trying to do ? :sweat_smile:. The Output Datatable Activity is used to Convert a Datatable into String.

yes, i have one excel file then i just want to delet one column in that, then create new excel file

@Hamidy1667 Follow these Steps :

  1. Use Read Range Activity with Excel File Path as the Input, get the Output as Datatable.
  2. Use Remove Data Column Activity, Provide the Datatable name and the Column Name you want to delete.
  3. Write the Datatable to a new Excel File using Write Range Activity.

I hope this is what you needed.

im doing this and here is my problem whit output data table activity i put input table as excel file and creat new var for out put, but when i put new var into new excel file is not working, i change scope of that var still not working
Sequence.xaml (6.9 KB)

@Hamidy1667 You were using a String as Input for Write CSV Activity, Write CSV Activity needs a Datatable as Input

so i should change the output data table to what ? and when ever i change that it will give me error and only working with string, how can i change it ?

@Hamidy1667 Can you Check if this works, I Updated a bit :
Sequence.xaml (7.1 KB)

yes thanks alot @supermanPunch . you did great

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