Get Excel Data, Filter, and Pass to a new excel or Data table

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Anyone here tried to get the data from excel, filter it then pass or copy to a new excel or data table? Appreciate your help as always! Thanks


@Callos_James_AU Yes, It can be done


  1. Read the Excel File using Workbook Read Range Activity
  2. Use Filter Datatable Activity, Filter based on your requirement, you get an Output Datatable
  3. Use the Output Datatable ast the Value for Write Range Activity

Hello @supermanPunch that was a quick response! I tried doing that, however, im getting an error that I cannot use the output var data table in write range because it is a string but when I converted the output var to data table, the output dt activity is having an error.

@Callos_James_AU Can you send a Screenshot of your Workflow ?

Yup, here…

@Callos_James_AU you need not to use the outputdata table activity. You just have to use the Datatable created using Filterdatatable activity into the Write range activity.

The output datatbale activity gives output as String which cannot be written in Excel as it takes Datatable variable to write.

Hello @Sugumar8785 Yes, I have done that too but it’s giving me blank excel file :frowning:

@Callos_James_AU Can you open the filter datatable activity and post the screenshot of that?

Hi @Callos_James_AU ,

Check dtTestOutputClass variable make in Datatable type then use it.

@Callos_James_AU Do not use Excel Application Scope, Use Workbook Read Range and Write Range, and there is no need of using Output Datatable Activity Unless you want the Output as a Strng :sweat_smile:

Hello @anon24744774 it is in data table type…

Hello @Sugumar8785 and @supermanPunch Please see below. still not working…

@Callos_James_AU You don’t get any error right ? Only the Output is not what you expected , If that’s so then Use just “Class” as the Column value in Filter Datatable

@Callos_James_AU There is a possibility that the filter data table activity has filtered out all the values.

Can you show us the screenshot of the excel that you read.

Hi @Callos_James_AU,
check workflow

data.xlsx (9.7 KB) Main.xaml (6.7 KB)

Hello @Sugumar8785 and @supermanPunch, please see attached file for your reference. The new excel is still blank.

Hello @anon24744774, thanks for that! But I need to filter the first excel and copy/paste to a new different excel file. ThanksMain.xaml (7.1 KB) project.json (921 Bytes) raw_DATA.XLSX (10.3 KB) test.xlsx (7.0 KB)

It’s working when I tried to change the filter, I think the filter table is case sensitive. Anyway, any idea on how to add the header as well? Thanks

@Callos_James_AU Check Add Headers Property in Write Range Activity
And yes Filter Datatable Matches with the Exact Value what you provide :sweat_smile:


Hello @supermanPunch it’s working now!! You’re a legend! Thanks for your help!!

Thanks everyone too!! :slight_smile:

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@Callos_James_AU Thats great

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