Problems with Data Table


I want that my automation reads a range, outputs a Data Table, converts it to a string and write it into another excel table. But when the cell gets written, instead of only writing the data table, it also writes “Colums 1”


Check Add Headers option in both Read and Write Range activities.


If you are using Write Range Activity to write the values, then in that activity there is an option “Add Headers”, Uncheck that and try once.


What i understand from your question is.

Your able read excel and converts dataTable into a string and the converted string your copying to another dataTable…

Am i right?


@sarathi125 @lakshman the add Headers option was never checked


Main.xaml (11.0 KB) here is my main

can you share your excel file?
why u are using those read range and output datatable?
If you want that cell value into a variable then u can use read cell and store that value into variable.

Data source table:Employee.xlsx (15.4 KB)
Table to fill in: (cant upload the file here sorry)