Issues with build data table and write excel file

Hey guys,

I’m trying to read multiple PDF files, store 12 columns of info and putting them together in an excel file. I want to do this by using a For Each activity to loop through all the files, and adding a datarow consisting of variables at the end of each loop. However, when building the datatable and logging it, it only returns ‘TableName’. It also doesn’t create an excel file. I’ve searched the entire forums for answers, but can’t find out why it isn’t working. The variables are being filled perfectly, but for some reason it won’t fill the datatable.

Here is the workflow:
Main.xaml (34.3 KB)

Hm, on a first look, what if you remove the first Write range activity?

I only put that in there to try and make it work after it didn’t. Didn’t help so I’ll remove it, but it still doesn’t work.

If you use individual variable in a writeline activity you are getting value? Are you sure they are getting added to datatable. Also can you please attach a screenshot for the same

I’ve looked at it with fresh eyes this morning and found the solution :slight_smile: Appearantly logging a datatable.toString doesn’t work, I’ve now put in an Output Datatable activity in it and logged the output string, which works fine. I’ve also put in the entire file path starting at C\Users, that works as well :slight_smile: