Outlook - The provided account is not mapped locally

I am not able to use outlook in studiox
getting this error

And for this project if i use default account then getting this error

If I use my outlook account name then getting this error

Can anyone help me with this.
using StudioX I couldn’t use my outlook in any program, getting error showing in first pic

I was getting the previous message when running “Working With Outlook - StudioX Project”

And now running “Practice - Create a Digital Assistant” then getting below error


If anyone can help me with outlook problem, it will be very appreciated.
I can’t run even a single program with outlook

Hi @Vipin_Singhal

This issue should be fixed in our 20.6 Community Edition release.

Can i upgrade my current studio with that version
Or again have to download it?

Thanks & Regards
Vipin Kr. Singhal
+91 8178088313

If you are using the Community Edition, then it should update automatically after you switch to the Preview channel.

Dear UiPath
is the 20.6 community edition released?

Is my community edition the same?
if yes I am facing this outlook problem in this version too.


Could you also make sure to update all packages via the Package Manager to their corresponding, latest versions?
(in this case, most important would be the Mail package)

I have updated mail package (In manage package version showing 1.9.0, is it ok?

But still not able to use outlook, getting different errors with different programs
I am using 2 outlook account, it could be the problem?


As a matter of update, I registered your issue in our internal bug tracker for our team to have a look.

I will keep you posted if any updates become available.

Hi Sir,
Have you find any solution for this issue yet.