SendOutlookMail - Account not found error (update)?


I had a working program about a month ago, where the bot can send an Outlook email using a secondary account set up on the machine.

I tried to create a new program with the same send Outlook email using the secondary account, but it now gives me the above error. I tried to place the email address directly into the Account field, placed it in a variable, downloaded the packages, etc. but I continue to get the error. Current version installed is “studioVersion”: “”,

However if I use my primary account, there is no problem.


Have you specified account name in double quotes ?

If possible try to remove second configured outlook account from mail box and reconfigure again and then check once.

Hi @lakshman,

I tried putting the email in double quotes, assigned it to a variable but both failed.

I’ll try your suggestion to remove the secondary accounts and re-add them.

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Hi @lakshman,

I removed and re-added the secondary account but it still gives me the same result. Any other ideas to resolve it?