Outlook popup issue

how to handle this popup?
this popup is not allowing while sending outlook mail via send outlook mail message activity.


Hi @Venkatesh_Chowdary


Here’s how to resolve that pop-up :

(1) Open Outlook 2010, go to " File/Options/Trust Center " menu item, and then click on the " Trust Center Settings " button at the right side of the dialog box.

(2) From there, select the " Programmatic Access " menu item. At the bottom of this dialog, note what your " Antivirus status " is. If it is " Invalid " then close Outlook , navigate to where its " OUTLOOK " program icon is on your disk (typically it sits in the " Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Office " folder), and then right-click this icon and select " Run as administrator " from the pop-up-menu. If you get a warning, then select " allow " or " yes " to continue.

(3) Then in Outlook , go back to " Programmatic Access " as described above, and you should see your antivirus status updated to " Valid " (assuming you have an up-to-date antivirus program on your computer).

(4) Exit Outlook . Then open it the way you usually do. The warnings should now be gone.

Hope this would help you…


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Hi @Palaniyappan

i tried this one…it is working for 3 to 4 days and again the issue is getting repeated.

is there anyway to handle this using uipath?


In that case you can use On Element Appear and click allow automatically whenever the popup appears. This way it can be handled using uipath.

If no with on element appear, kindly use
–on image appear



Yes use Element Exists or On Element Appear activity and indicate that popup after Send Outlook Mail activity.

HI @Venkatesh_Chowdary,

Well, it is quite obvious that this is not the “general” expected behavior for the ‘Send Outlook Mail Message’ activity.
Ideally it should just send the mail and be done with it.

However, as others here have mentioned above, you can change the security settings of Outlook and get this to work. (or ask the respective security team to handle this from client’s side.)

But it is really not a sure-shot win-win scenario as they may or may not go ahead with this change in settings (even if it is just for a specific ID).

Another way is to apply all sorts of element exists, identify, click activities and run the whole thing in parallel to the ‘Send Outlook Mail Message’ activity. However, even though this works, I am really not for this method; as I feel it complicates a simple activity far more than necessary, and takes quite some testing to ensure it works most of the time.

Another more better method (in my opinion) is to use the ‘Send SMTP Mail Message’ activity instead of the ‘Send Outlook Mail Message’ activity. For this you’d require a few details which I’m sure will be provided when asked.

This serves as a much better fool-proof and fail-safe method to ‘SEND’ mails.

Let us know what does (and what doesn’t) work for you!



Try with element exists for this pop up and if the pop up exists, do as you required and then continue with your process.

Let us know if this helps,
Pavan H


He is right, to avoid such problems, we usually go with send exchange mail activity or send smtp mail activity, but you must be giving few more details like port and servers and account details as well like
kindly use 995 or 587 based on your outlook, as port and enter your outlook mail server

all the other entries are very simple to enter.

Hope this would help you…