Outlook mail activities

Hello All!
Can we use outlook mail activities if we don’t have outlook installed?

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Hi Ruby,

I don’t think so. I noticed Outlook.exe launches when the activity is running

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Outlook application should be installed to work with Outlook activities.

If Outlook application is not installed in Robot machine then use Send SMTP Mail Message activity for sending mails and Get IMAP Mail Messages activity to read the mails.



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Outlook activity will work only if outlook is installed and configured in your machine

No worries if outlook not installed you can go for GET EXCHANGE and SEND EXCHANGE mail activity

Exchange server will work and connect with outlook even if your machine is not installed with outlook

Here you go on what properties to be mentioned in exchange activity

Cheers @Ruby_Agrawal1

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Hi @Ruby_Agrawal1,

For using Outlook activities, Outlook application need to be installed.

You can go for any of the method mentioned here, apart from that you can use MicrosoftOffice activities(uipath.microsoftoffice365.activities).


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