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I have created a process that sends emails to people based on information in an excel sheet. What I would like to do now is to be able to read a reply using the Get Outlook Mail activity ( which I can do) and if a reply has not been received in 5 days automatically send another email to the same person (This is the part I am struggling with). If this makes sense anyone have any ideas how to achieve this?


Use below expression in Filter property of Get Outlook Mail Message Activity.

“[ReceivedTime] <= ’ “+now.AddDays(-5).Tostring(“dd/MM/yyyy”)+” ’"

The above expression will give last 5 days mails and will give result in List of Mail Messages and say ‘mailMessage’. Then use For Each loop Activity to itreate that list.

ForEach item in mailMessages
If item.From.Tostring.Equals(“requiredMail”)
Then don’t send mail
Else send mail

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Thank You, This has really helped!!

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