Outlook API call?

Hi Team,

I need one help , i need to use the outlook API’s to send and receive emails from Outlook.
But i am being told not to use the - Get outlook mail activity , send Outlook mail activities…

Can any one please help me.


Hi @Seem,

There is no activity that specifically uses an API key, but if it is office 365 you use, you can download the activity package ‘UiPath.Microsoftoffice365.Activities’.

This will give you the ability to use an application ID and Tenant ID, this avoids the use of the standard Outlook activities.

Maybe it helps you further,



Well i am going to get these Outlook API’s from the Microsoft Office .
Now i want to know how to use the REST API’s in Uipath


Sorry I don’t know how that works, but if you have the answer later on I would like to know it aswell.

Refer this link it may be help you

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