Microsoft Office 365 Outlook automation configuration

Can someone please tell me how to setup office 365 outlook for automation in Uipath?

Hi, your question is unclear. You would like to set up Office 365 Mail feature or just send or read emails using outlook activities?

If you are looking to integrate with Microsoft Office 365, here is the link [1] [2] [3] .


I understand that to use the O365 Outlook automation one has to register an application on azure portal under active directory and also need to provide the mail API access to that application but I don’t have sufficient access to register an app on Azure in my organization. Is it possible to use the normal outlook activities?

Yes, you can still use outlook activity as long as the outlook account that you want to use is added in the outlook application. This link will explain better. I understand the difficulties in setting up the API access in Azure.

Thanks for quick response :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes , I tried using the outlook activities but getting an error. Can you please help me with this issue?

HI @sun.tom78,

You can utilize Microsoft office 365 package for this as shown below:

This package offers activities to connect to outlook and perform operations.

Refer below links on how to setup office 365:

How to Setup and use Microsoft Office 365 with UiPath - Full Tutorial

UiPath Activities

Microsoft Office 365 Scope

And below link talks about all operations that you can perform on outlook.

Alternatively, you can utilize outlook activities available with below package:

This includes activities as shown below(to see this, type mail in activity panel, all below will show up):