Using Outlook API or Collection Data Objects to trigger/ read Emails

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Problem Statement:
The Outlook activities available in the UIPath cannot be used to send/ read email due to organisation restrictions of allowing any 3rd party application ( UiPath, in this case) to access the Outlook.

Neither any of the other Mail activities can be used to trigger email from end users desktop.

The alternatives I could think of are using any Messaging APIs or CDO to perform the messaging activities.
Can anyone suggest if that can be done and if yes then how best it can be achieved ?

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Hi @saketkrishna

I understand that it has been a year since this issue is open, and I am sure you must have figured out a way by now and would request to add the same here so that it can benefit someone in need.

My 2-cents would be using Powershell to send the mail via Outlook. You can write a oneline script and invoke the same in UiPath.

> $Outlook = New-Object -ComObject Outlook.Application;$Mail = $Outlook.CreateItem(0);$Mail.To = "";$Mail.Subject = "Subject of E-Mail";$Mail.Body ="Text of Body";$Mail.Send()


Even for Powershell also we should have an Microsoft account in the machine where we are trying this solution. Even am also still trying to find out the solution using outlook API, If you have figured out the solution using outlook API then please share the idea.